Monday, October 22, 2012

I just wanted to take a moment to brag on the customer service department at
They are fabulous!  If you're thinking of ordering chicks from a hatchery, you'll be pleased with them.  We ordered nine chicks on our first order.  They sent ten because, as I've read, it is fairly common to lose one or two chicks in transport, so they send an extra or two to account for that possibility.  We did indeed lose two the first day.  BUT...the other eight are doing really well.  I sent an email within the first 48 hours, as is their policy to replace the unfortunate chicks.  Today, customer service gave us a phone call WITH A REAL PERSON on the phone and we got it all set up to have the next chicks delivered.  The lady on the phone was very personable and showed concern for us in making sure everything was the way it should be.  AND, she called back a second time just to clarify a question she had.  It's not often now days to have that kind of service!  Another plus in our adventure so far:-) Check out their website:

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