Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Photo Session Uploaded...Go Vote!

Shelly, maybe a Black Jersey Giant but not sure, named by our 3 year old
Rainbow, Golden Campine, named by our 4 year old
     Finally!  I got all eight pictures uploaded so you can see an up close and personal of each chick. It's neat to see how much they've grown in a week.  They are still mostly fuzzy, but we are starting to see their wing feathers a little bit. 
      I posted last night about voting on the names...please do!  The vote is not to choose which name to use because our children have already named all eight...that didn't take
 long:-)  The vote is to see which name is the most liked.  We are just curious. Within our family, we are deciding which we think the winner will be.  I'm even going to poll the students in my class to see which name wins with them.   When the poll closes on October 30th, the winning chick will get a special post to show her fame.  Thanks for making this fun!
Pretty Does, named by our 4 year old,  Rhode Island Red
Gussy, named by our 12 year old, Black Jersey Giant
Pretty Is, named by our 4 year old, Rhode Island Red
Francine, Barnevelder

Hissy, Partridge Rock...named by our 8 year old
Gertle, named by our 12 year old,  Black Jersey Giant

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