Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow Day Dumplings

     Only in Alabama does school dismiss early with the slightest mention of the "S" word...SNOW, that is.  Today was one of those days.  Students and teachers alike, spent most of the morning anxiously awaiting THE WORD.  And, by mid-morning it came....School is dismissing early due to the possibility of developing hazardous road conditions. YIPPY!  So what's a mama to do??  Of course, she is to get home and make something good to eat so kitchen duties can be done early and everyone can cuddle up with each other and have unplanned quality family time.  So, that's what I did.  Besides, it was just another reason to use my newest pan...the red cast iron one given to me by my family for Christmas and  that has of late, stayed right on the stove top waiting for yet another reason to be used.

Now, our bellies are full, the kids are all bathed and we are going to bed just a tad bit happier than norm because we got some extra time off today, and even better, a two hour delay tomorrow.  And by the way, do we have snow?  If you look really close on the roadsides, and in the crevices of rooftops, or if you travel far off the beaten path, maybe you'll see a little.  But that's enough to celebrate in Alabama!

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  1. I enjoyed your first post. Wish I was posting about my first chicks, also. Maybe later this Spring. Need to convince my hubby that we need some fresh eggs.

    Have a God Filled Day